Share My Calendar or Manage Permissions in Outlook

Follow the instructions below to share your calendar or add, remove, or review the calendar permissions you have delegated.

Outlook 2010/2013

  1. Select the Calendar button in the Navigation Bar
  2. Select the calendar that you would like to share, right-click on your Calendar and choose Share, then Calendar Permissions.
  3. On the Permissions tab, you may add or remove users whom you have delegated access to your calendar.
  4. To add a new delegate, select Add... and search for the desired user by Last Name. You can search the Global Address List, or your personal contacts list by selecting the appropraite drop down under Address Book. Under the Permissions heading choose the level of detail you would like to provide the user.
  5. To remove a delegate, select the user and choose Remove.
  6. Click Apply, then OK.
calendar  screenshot 1

Outlook 2007

  1. Select the Calendar button, located in the navigation pane
  2. Select the calendar that you would like to share, then click the Share My Calendar link located in the middle of the navigation pane.
  3. On the sharing invitation window that appears, enter the NetID's of the individuals you would like to share your calendar with, separated by a semi-colon; then click the Check Names button, located in the Names pane of the Ribbon. Check the box to "Allow recipients to view your Calendar"
  4. Once you have confirmed that the recipients were successfully entered, click Send to make the calendar available to them.

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