Android Instructions

How do I connect my Android device to my Office 365 Email account?

These instructions are for use with Office 365 Email accounts. If you have any trouble configuring your phone, please contact the HelpDesk at (901) 448-2222. 


Note: Due to the multiple versions of Android OS, these instructions may not apply exactly for your Android device. However, the server and account information should still allow you to successfully configure your account.

  1. From your phone's home screen, launch the application list and choose Settings.
  2. Select Accounts & Sync
  3. Select the Add Account button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the Account Type (some devices call this account type "ActiveSync", "Work", or "Corporate")
  5. Enter your email address ( and password.
    Most devices will make you manually setup at this point. If so:
  6. For the Exchange/OWA Server, enter
  7. If there is a field that says Domain/Username, enter your full email address (
  8. In the username and password field, use and password
  9. Select Next and choose the synchronization options for your account. When you are done, choose Finish to complete account creation.

Note of Warning Messages

During this last step you will be asked to activate a device administrator. You activate it in order to receive email to your phone. Some of the items that can be performed remotely are:screenshot with list of warnings

  • Erase all data
  • Set password rules
  • Monitor screen-unlock attempts
  • Lock the screen
  • Set lock-screen password expiration
  • Disable cameras
  • Disable functions on lock screen
  • Set SD card encryption
  • Password recovery
  • Turn off POP and IMAP emails
  • Turn off SD card
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off text/multimedia messaging
  • Turn off Internet
  • Turn off Internet sharing
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off 3rd party applications
  • Turn of unknown applications
  • Prevent the installation of unknown applications

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