Current Clinical Research and Product Trials

Plaque Glycolysis and Saliva Genetics – A Pilot Study      

Study Objective:  To improve the sensitivity of our laboratory and clinical methods used in plaque analysis and advance the prevention of oral disease including dental caries.
Principal  Investigator: Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy
Co-Investigators:  Dr. Yanhui Zhang and Colette Stewart
Research Staff:  Laura Rush  

Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ) Case Registry

Study Objective: This ONJ case registry will describe the natural history of positively-adjudicated ONJ in subjects with cancer with an observation period of 5 years
Principal  Investigator:  Dr. Cesar Migliorati
Research Staff:  Laura Rush

Cranio-Facial Relationship Manipulation with an Oral Appliance Mitigating the Severity and Frequency of Motor Tics Associated with Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders such as Tourette Syndrome and Chronic Tic Disorder

Study Objective:  To study the use of oral appliances in mitigating severity, frequency of motor and vocal tics in those with tourette’s syndrome and/or chronic tic syndrome.
Principal  Investigator:  Dr. Timothy Hottel
Co-Investigators:  Dr. Robert Brandt, Dr. Martha Wells, Dr. Eliott Taynor (Long Island, NY) and Dana Watcher (Long Island, NY)
Research Staff: Laura Rush