College of Dentistry Patient Care: Crowns

Caps or crowns for your teeth are done to improve the looks of your teeth, to strengthen teeth that may fracture, to restore an uneven biting plane, and for other reasons.  Before a crown can be placed, your tooth must be prepared by a dentist using a dental handpiece or drill.  An extremely accurate impression is then made and a precise cast of your teeth is sent to a dental laboratory where the crown is made.   After your tooth is prepared, the dentist will place a temporary crown that will stay in place until the final crown is delivered.

The crown can be made of yellow gold (ordinarily for back teeth), gold and porcelain (for back or front teeth), or all porcelain (normally for front teeth). The crown is permanently attached to the tooth underneath using dental cement. Matching the color and shape of natural teeth requires meticulous attention to detail and considerable artistic skill.

A cavity can start at the margin of the crown and the tooth so you must keep this area free from bacteria with regular brushing and flossing.

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