Rheumatic Disease Research Core Center

The Rheumatic Disease Research Core Center is funded by the NIH through the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to provide core facilities that ensure cost effective, high quality, molecular and technical support for connective tissue research.

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Arnold Postlethwaite, Director
Phone: 901-448-4979
Email: apostlet@uthsc.edu

Principal Investigators:

David Brand, PhD
Monica L. Brown, DO
Hongbo Chi, PhD
Weikuan Gu, PhD
Karen Hasty, PhD
Andrew H. Kang, MD
Linda K. Myers, MD
Eugene Pinkhassik, PhD
Arnold Postlethwaite, MD
Edward Rosloniec, PhD
Andrzej Slominski, MD, PhD
John Stuart, MD
Ae-Kyeung Yi, PhD