Support Protocol 4: Visual Assessment of Arthritis Severity

  1. Hold the mouse (or rat) in a position that allows examination of the paws.
  2. Examine each paw from the ankle through the digits and assign pathology score of 0 to 4 according to Table 15.5.3.
    Table 15.5.3 Visual Scoring System for Evaluating Severity in Cia Rodent Models
    Severity Score Gross
    0 No evidence of erythema and swelling
    1 Erythema and mild swelling confined to the mid-foot (tarsals) or ankle joint
    2 Erythema and mild swelling extending from the ankle to the mid-foot
    3 Erythema and moderate swelling extending from the ankle to the metatarsal joints
    4 Erythema and severe swelling encompass the ankle, foot, and digits
  3. Repeat scoring of paws two to three times a week.

Avoid excessive handling of the animals, as this can reduce the severity or incidence of arthritis.

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