Open Access Computer Lab FAQs

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How do I use the computers in the GEB B110 and SAC 314 labs?

In order to use the lab facilities, you must login to the workstations with your e-mail username and password.

I cannot remember my Exchange password! How can I reset it so that I can login?

Contact the helpdesk to reset your password at 901-448-2222 ext. 1 or visit Manage my NetID password  external link icon from another device such as a smart phone or computer that has already been logged into and is connected to the internet.

How do I make copies?

Currently, the only way to make copies is to first scan your document in the flatbed scanner, which is located in GEB B110, then print the scans from the workstation attached to the scanner.

How do I save files in the computer labs?

You may save files to any external media (flash drives, writable CDs, floppy disks). You may also save to the desktop and to My Documents. These storage areas are actually redirected to a protected network server so that all of your files you save here are confidential and can be viewed only by you when you login to the computer labs. You can store up to 500 MB of data in the desktop and My Documents folders.

How do I print in the computer lab?

Printing is as easy as clicking a print icon or selecting File, Print from a drop down menu. In GEB B110 there are 9 different printers to choose from and in SAC 314 there are two to choose from.

Do I get any free pages for printing?

Students are provided a 1500 page free quota at the beginning of each academic year for printing services in the open access computer labs.

How do I know how much is left in my free quota? Where can I check it? How can I tell if I've gone over the free quota?

Students can check their print balance at any time by logging into an open access lab computer and hovering over an icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (looks like a dollar sign next to the clock in the bottom right hand corner). A pop up balloon will show the number of pages left in your free quota, and the amount that you owe. (Ex. Free Quota: 932, Balance: 0) If the free quota does not say zero, then you still have pages in your quota. If the Free Quota gets to 0, and the balance begins showing negative numbers, then you owe for the number of negative pages shown. For example, "-18" means that you owe for 18 pages.

How much does it cost to print if I exceed my quota?

$0.05 per page

Can I turn off duplex printing (double sided printing)?

Yes. When you go to print, depending on which program you are using to print, you will select "more setting" or "advanced" or "printer properties." From that window you may toggle the setting from "2-sided printing" to "1-sided printing" and vice versa as needed.

How am I billed for printing over my quota? How is the quota refreshed?

Money for printing over the free quota will be collected by the cashier's office at the beginning of each academic year or before graduation for seniors. All student printing accounts are reset once per year.

I had a problem with printing in the lab and I need a credit back. How do I get one?

Reporting a Print Issue and Requesting Print Credit are submitted on-line. The lab manager will review the request, check the print activity logs, and get back with you within 48 hours.