Open Access Computer Labs

Welcome to the UTHSC computer lab facilities! The ITS department wants this to be an effective and efficient study environment for all of our student body. Please check our Computer Lab FAQs page for the latest information regarding how the labs work.

General Printing Information

Each student is given a printing quota of 1500 pages when they begin school. This free quota is refreshed once a year with an additional 1500 pages at the end of May. Unused pages are "rolled over" each May, so that unused quota is available until a student leaves the university. A student who depletes his/her free quota will begin to accrue a balance. You can view your balance by checking your print history or hovering over the dollar icon in the system tray of any printing lab computer. Your balance is presented to you in number of pages used. A student will be charged 5 cent per page once they begin accruing a balance. A graduating student will be notified via email should they accrue a balance, and payment will be due before graduation. A returning student will be notified and charged when registering for his/her next term. A departing student will have the bill added into any other charges owed to the university. Should a student interest group or fraternity also want to take advantage of printing, then they may request an organizational printing quota via  UTHSC HelpDesk iconOnline HelpDesk. Any student group or fraternity must already have a recognized directory entry, i.e. a netid. If your organization needs a netid then submit a Request to add a Campus Organization to the Online Directory.  PDF icon The form must be submitted and approved before requesting a printing quota.

Request a Print Refund

Printer error? Document smudged or damaged? Our apologies. Please use our Reporting a Print Issue and Requesting Print Credit form.

Locations & Hours


  • B110 GEB
  • Room 314 SAC


The labs are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The computer labs close in observance of Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays.

Need Help?

Do you need help?

Pick up any phone in the computer labs for technical support from the  UTHSC HelpDesk iconHelpdesk during business hours. To report a technical issue after hours, please use Footprints, our digital issue tracking system. Any emergencies, technical or otherwise, should be reported to Campus Police, 901-448-4444.


We value your comments concerning our lab operations. Positive and negative feedback helps us target ways to better serve you. You can contact the Computer Labs Manager, Camielle Smith, either by email at or phone (448-1408).