Health Fair/Event Participation Request Form

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center participates in numerous community health fairs throughout Shelby County. By partnering with local organizations, we aspire to raise health awareness and promote access to healthcare in our community.

Please provide at least 2 months advance notice. After completing this request on line, we will acknowledge your request within one week of our receipt.

Our participation and services provided will be based on the availability of our enrolled students, staff and resources. We will contact you to confirm or decline our participation no later than one month before your event date.

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Services Required:
Cholesterol Screenings [you must provide strips & machines] Blood Pressure Screenings
Glucose Screenings [you must provide strips & machines] Body Mass Index Health Education

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Additional Information

If we cannot attend your event, we are able to provide information about UTHSC services: TARGET, etc.

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For questions or more information, please feel free to contact the UTHSC Health Fair Coordinator at 901-448-5618 or via email at

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