Centennial Seal Standards and Guidelines

Seal Usage and Audience Type

The UTHSC centennial seal is available in three versions - universal, Memphis, and statewide versions. Correct usage is determined by the audience, the medium on which it will be produced and the available space.


Universal version of Centennial Seal

The universal seal is to be used on such items as commemorative posters, plaques or signs.


Memphis version of Centennial Seal

The Memphis seal can be used in communications to a Memphis audience, where we wish to emphasize the main location for UTHSC.


Statewide version of Centennial Seal

The statewide seal is to be used when wishing to emphasize the multiple campus locations and reach of UTHSC.


For more information about the seal, its usage, or if you need assistance with the digital file, please contact Communications and Marketing at (901) 448-5544 or e-mail communications@uthsc.edu.