Policies and Procedures

Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

PUB.L. 101-542, THE STUDENT RIGHT-TO-KNOW AND CAMPUS SECURITY ACT, AS AMENDED BY PUB.L. 102-26, the Higher Education Technical Amendments of 1991, requires The UT Health Science Center prepare and publish a variety of information concerning the institution's policies, procedures, and programs related to campus security. This information is to be distributed to all current students and employees, as well as any applicant for enrollment or employment, upon request. In addition, statistics concerning the criminal offenses of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft; and statistics concerning the number of arrest for liquor law violations, drug abuse violations, and weapons possessions are to be published annually.

This brochure supplies the information required by the Student-Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act. Specific statistics on the above referenced criminal offenses and arrest may be found in this brochure as well as in supplements to this brochure that may be available from time to time.

Campus Security Information Act

In accordance with the Tennessee College and University Security Information Act of 1989, T.C.A. 49-7-2201, et. seq., Campus Police reports all crime reported to its office to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the FBI for inclusion in the Uniform Crime Report. This is done on a monthly basis. In addition, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center has prepared this booklet containing campus police policies and procedures, data on campus crimes, and other related information as required by this Act. Additional copies of this booklet may be obtained by any student, employee, or applicant for admission or employment from Campus Police, 740 Court Avenue Memphis, TN 38163.

Non Criminal Activity and Criminal Activity

Domestic Violence

Pursuant to T.C.A. 40-7-103(a)(7)(D), the UT Campus Police must report data obtained in investigations of domestic violence cases to the Administrative office of the Courts in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hate Crimes

The UT Campus Police in response to the "Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990", must submit data "about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, including where appropriate the crimes of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation, arson and destruction, and damage or vandalism of property.

Forcible/Non-Forcible Sex Offense

Update on the Campus Security Act of 1990: The campus Security Act of 1990 has made a change regarding the crimes which are to be included in its reportable statistics. Rape has been replaced by "forcible or non-forcible sex offenses."

Statistical Data

The UT Campus Police also provides a Daily Log Book of those arrested for crimes against persons and crimes against property. This Log Book is kept in the Administrative Offices of the Campus Police.

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