Policies and Procedures

Policy on Alcohol and Drugs On Campus

University regulations prohibit the unlawful use, manufacture, possession, distribution, or dispensing of drugs or alcohol on University owned or controlled property, or during University activities. Violations of these regulations are considered violations of the University’s Standard of Conduct, and disciplinary actions and penalties will be conducted in accordance with the procedures of the Student Judicial System. These regulations and the process for handling violations are published in the Center Scope Student Handbook.

Substance Awareness and Education

Many programs exist on campus to assist students in understanding the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. In addition to the information students receive through the health sciences curriculum, the Office of Student Life offers a series of programs and printed information for this purpose. Additional educational efforts are conducted by peer assistance groups in some colleges.

Students seeking additional information, or who need advice regarding a problem they may have with alcohol or drugs, may contact Student Mental Health Services, University Health Services, the Office of Student Life, or the Student Affairs officer in their respective colleges.

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