How Campus Police Activities Affect You

All new students and employees are provided information about safety and security and the prevention of crimes at their respective orientation programs. The following section provides additional information concerning campus security and you.

Access to Campus

The University’s campus and facilities are for the use of students, faculty, staff, guests, and invite’s. All or part of the campus, buildings, and other facilities may be open to the general public.

How to Report a Crime

To report suspicious or criminal activity or other emergencies, dial the Campus Police Dispatcher at Extension 84444, or when off campus 448-4444. The UT Campus Police provides twenty (24) hours, seven (07) days a week uniform foot and vehicle patrol service on campus and contiguous streets. Additionally, the police department operates a twenty four (24) hour communication office. A dispatcher is always available to obtain information, or notify campus police of the problem. (See Communications section in this pamphlet for additional information)

The communication office telephone numbers are widely published. Help phones are also available at various locations with direct access to communications.

Victims of crimes may contact the police communication office and a police officer will be dispatched to their location. An offense report will be prepared, and a full investigation will be conducted. Mutual cooperation is maintained with city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for processing criminal incidents in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Specialized assistance and counseling are available not only from within the University, but also through local support agencies, such as the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center. Victims of any sexual assault are encouraged to notify police authorities as soon as possible. The campus police will come to the scene and start the initial report as well as notify the proper personnel required for the nature of the call.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to see a counselor after any sexual assault. Students at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center will be referred to a counselor provided through Student Health. Faculty and staff may choose to visit private counselors or a local support agency. (See additional information under Student Affairs)

How To Report Personal Injuries on Campus

If you are the victim of a personal injury, or a witness to an injury to another party, please notify the campus police communication office to speak with a police dispatcher (8-4444). The dispatcher will immediately dispatch a police officer, contact the appropriate medical personnel in University Health and contact the Memphis Fire Department to dispatch an ambulance; if one is required.

Identity Checks / Identification Cards

All current registered students, faculty, and staff are required to have a UT Identification Card. Lost and found I.D. cards should be reported to the campus police at 740 Court Avenue. Replacement ID cards may be obtained from the campus police, on Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Please call 448-6705 for location and time.

In order to determine the identity of students, faculty, and staff, everyone is required to present their University identifications cards promptly upon request of a Campus Police officer, member of the administration or faculty of the University. Identification cards will not ordinarily be retained by the police; however, a card may be retained if an emergency situation exists, or if the card is needed as evidence. The retained card, if valid, will be returned to the student of employee as soon as possible. Charge for lost I.D. is $12.00.

Key Control

Employees, residents, and some graduate students are issued keys to UT buildings and offices. Issuance of building entrance keys must be approved by the department head, and in addition, some buildings have a building manager whose signature is required before a key can be issued. Keys are issued 5 days a week at 740 Court Avenue, if keys are on file. Call 8-4441 to inquire.

Each key is assigned a sub-number which identifies that key as belonging to the particular person to whom it was issued. In order to assist the Facilities Administration in maintaining an up-to-date record system and to reduce thefts, no key shall be loaned or exchanged.

All UT building keys must be returned to the Facilities Administration Key Control office, Physical Plant Building Suite 101 upon termination, transfer or graduation. A charge of $10.00 per key is assessed for each lost key and payment must be made before an exit clearance can be completed.

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