This research area involves the development of electrochemical and optical sensors for clinical diagnostics and for measurements of ions (sodium, potassium, lead etc.) as well as small and large molecules (proteins, etc.) in a variety of biological matrices (serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, tear fluid etc.). The development of chemical and biosensors include basic studies on material properties and transport, the design, optimization and testing of microfabricated sensors and sensor arrays for both in vitro and in vivo use.  Studies also include the feasibility of utilizing inherently conductive polymers as solid contacts in ion- sensors for in vitro diagnostics and the measurement of urine to reduce severe sepsis mortality and the development of the next generation of optical pH sensors based on dye loaded porous nano capsules.

For additional information, contact the following faculty:
Erno Lindner (UM),
Brad Pendley (UM)
Amy L de Jongh Curry  (UM) 

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