Mathematics Electives

The following is a list of permissible math courses offered at The University of Memphis which Biomedical Engineering graduate students may take in order to fulfill their math requirements.

Heading Heading
BIOM 7/8101 Biomedical Engineering Analysis I
BIOM 7/8103 Theory of Continuous Media
BIOM 7/8110 Biostatistics
EECE 6235 Probabilistic Systems Analysis
EECE 7/8251 Random Signals & Noise
MATH 6240 Matrix Algebra
MATH 6391 Partial Differential Equations I
MATH 6392 Partial Differential Equations II
MATH 6635 Introduction to Probability Theory
MATH 6636 Introduction to Statistical Theory
MATH 6637 Statistical Methods
MATH 6640 Introduction to Probability Models
MATH 6721 Numerical Analysis
MATH 7/8393 Differential Equations and Applications
MECH 7/8341 Engineering Analysis I
MECH 7/8342 Engineering Analysis II
MECH 7/8381 Finite Element Methods

This list is not considered inclusive; the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers other classes related to physics, statistics, engineering and mathematics that will meet requirements of the degree program. Please discuss candidate classes with your advisor and/or the director of graduate studies prior to registering for them.

Last updated: April 06 2010.