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Consider your interests, prior education and experience, and the research that is being performed within our Program. You will want to find a path that involves some area of research and learning that melds these items. This path will involve a committee of faculty, a group of students in a lab or labs, and, in the strongest individual programs, much interaction. Choosing to come here for your education and starting strongly in the courses and lab interactions are the best keys to learning much. Many details cannot be known at the outset. Sometimes a site will seem like an obvious match for you, your background, and the faculty efforts there. If that seems true, apply to that site. Don't worry about the fit - Do complete the application and submit all material quickly.

Choose a Site—Apply to the
UT Health Science Center or University of Memphis

For many applicants, it will not matter which one. Our admissions committee is composed of members from both UM and UT sites. Your admission is to the Joint Graduate Program; changes of sites in later semesters are done as needed. All applicants are considered for any aid that is available at the time of application. Should your application materials be split between the sites, extra cost and lost time will be the least harmful outcome. Loss of a full application cycle is likely because the file appears incomplete. If the admissions committee decides that you fit well with opportunities (including aid) at the campus you didn't apply to, they will transfer the application materials to that site by internal systems that the universities have developed.

Our campuses have two different cycles of times for handling applications. Apply early for the most chance for the available financial aid.

UT Health Science Center Schedule

UT follows the schedule of a typical US medical campus: students are admitted primarily for the Fall semester of the next year; a batch processing of applications is common; applications are held for the next cycle after some date in late Spring.

University of Memphis Schedule

UM follows the schedule of a typical US urban campus. The practice of rolling reviews is followed; financial aid is often split from the offer of admissions; the rate of application processing is limited by individual processes, e.g., receiving GRE scores and transcripts or submitting and processing of forms related to international admissions. Apply early for the most chance for the available financial aid.

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UTHSC Campus

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
956 Court Avenue, Suite E226
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: (901) 448-5880
Fax: (901) 448-7387

Dr. Richard Smith, Program Director
956 Court Avenue, Suite E228
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: (901) 448-5254

U of M Campus

Department of
Biomedical Engineering

The University of Memphis
330 Engineering Technology Building
Memphis, TN 38152
Phone: (901) 678-3733
Fax: (901) 678-5281

Dr. Amy de Jongh Curry, Program Director
330 Engineering Technology Building
Memphis, TN 38152
Phone: (901) 678-2017