Weekly Seminars

Every Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters, one speaker is invited to talk about their research in the Biomedical Engineering field. The seminars are usually held in the following locations:

  • Fall Semester Seminars are usually held in the South Auditorium in the Coleman Building at the University of Tennessee campus.
  • Spring Semester Seminars are held in the Engineering Administration Building, Room 203 at the University of Memphis campus.

NOTICE: Attending these weekly seminars is mandatory for ALL Biomedical Engineering students in the program.SurveyStudents and faculty members from other departments are also welcome to attend the seminars.

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Spring 2015 Seminars

All seminars willbe held on The University of Memphis campus in Room 203 Engineering Administration Building (Engineering Auditorium), corner of Central and Zach Curlin streets, at 330p, unless otherwise noted on the seminar schedule. Contact info: 901-678-3733.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
January 23 Brooke Sanford, Ph.D., Clinical Research Engineer Brooks Rehabilitation, Jacksonville FL Using motion analysis to guide clinical decision-making
January 30 Kenneth D. Ward, Ph.D., Professor and Director Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences,
School of Public Health, University of Memphis
Responding to the global tobacco epidemic
February 6 Pam Dennis, Associate Professor, Libraries Research Instructional Services; and
Cody Behles, Assistant Professor, Libraries Information System
University of Memphis Getting the most bang for your buck on engineering topics
February 13 Nathaniel Stoikes, M.D. Department of Surgery, University of Tennessee Health Science Center The art of hernia repair
February 20 Chad D. Touchberry, Assistant Professor and Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory, Health and Sport Sciences, UM TBD An epidemic of cardiovascular disease in chronic kidney disease patients:  Is FGF23 the link?
February 27 I. Elizabeth Duncan, Biomedical Engineering, UM
II. William Hunter King, Biomedical Engineering, UM
III. Tyler Rist, Biomedical Engineering, UM
TBD I. Release and activity of adenosine incorporated into calcium sulfate (Duncan)
II. The measurement of CO2 in urine to guide the treatment of patients in septic shock: Development of a protocol (King)
III. Lift Walker: Developing an inexpensive and lightweight stand-assist device (Rist)
March 6 Pratik Banerjee, Assistant Professor Environmental Health,
School of Public Health,
U of Memphis
Physiologically relevant biosensor technologies in environmental and food safety application
March 20 Bonny Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Institute for Intelligent Systems Identifying hearing deficiencies from statistically learned speech features for personalized tuning of cochlear implants
March 27 Scott Sell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering St. Louis University, St. Louis MO The present and the potential of Manuka honey in dermal regenerative medicine
April 10 Adebowale Adebiyi, Assistant Professor Department of Physiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Myogenic autoregulation of neonatal renal blood flow
April 17 James Atherton, M.D.; Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Title: Measuring urine carbon dioxide during sepsis
Jennifer Jarvis, M.S.; Ph.D. candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Title: Study abroad in Finland: Research with solid contact ion-selective electrodes
University of Tennessee Health Science Center TBD
April 24* Eugene Eckstein, Ph.D., Professor and Chair Biomedical Engineering, UM Ideas of Hamilton, Stokes, and Dirac that format the summary statistics for axial displacements in flowing suspensions

*Seminar is co-sponsored with the UM Department of Physics and will be held in Manning Hall Room 201, UM campus.