What is the BLUES Project?

Photo of Dr. Mari, Chancellor Schwab, Vicky Gregg and Dr. Moses

The BLUES Project (Building Lasting Unshakeable Expectations into Successes) is a community outreach and research project that provides education, counseling, social support and community resources referrals to participants during pregnancy until the child’s second birthday. BLUES is funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee Health Foundation.

The BLUES Project is a culturally competent and responsive approach to addressing infant mortality. We have two sites strategically located in Tennessee. Our two locations are in Memphis and Chattanooga. These two cities are located within the two counties with the highest infant mortally rates within the state.

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The BLUES Project
Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology
Rout Center for Women
and Newborns
853 Jefferson Ave. E140A
Memphis, TN 38163

Phone: (901) 448-5135
Fax: (901) 448-1532
Email: bluesproject@utshc.edu