Boling Center Research

Research is conducted by clinical staff and trainees as it relates to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Research topics cover a variety of issues related to family supports, inclusion, and treatment. Over the past ten years Boling Center faculty and research staff have produced, 57 research articles in refereed journals, eight books, nine book chapters, fourteen dissertations or master’s theses, and eighteen research posters and presentations.

Some examples of recently published research include:

  • Ardoin, S., Williams, J., Klubnik, C., & McCall, M. (2009). Three versus six readings of practice passages. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 42(2), 375-380.
  • Ardoin, S.P., Carfolite, J., Christ, T.J., Roof, C.M., & Klubnik, C. (2010) Examining readability estimates: Predictions of students’ Oral reading rate: Spache, lexile, and forcast. School Psychology Review.
  • Bellini, S., Benner, L, & Peters-Myszak, J. (2009). A systematic approach to teaching social skills to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A guide for practitioners. Beyond Behavior, 19, 26-39.
  • Developmental Disabilities: Effects On Well Siblings. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 33:39-55, 2010. Williams, P.; Piamjariyakul, U.; Graff, J.; Stanton, A.
  • Graff, J.C., Hardy, B.T., Roberts, R.J., Hall, H. Hankins, J.S. and Neely-Barnes, S. Exploring Parent-Sibling Communication in Families of Children with Sickle Cell Disease. (2010). Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 33:101-123.
  • Griffin, N.R., Harkness, A.R., McNulty, J.L. (anticipated 2010). Personality, Relationship Satisfaction, and Emotional Behavior in Challenging Laboratory Tasks. Dissertation in progress.
  • Klubnik, C. & Ardoin, S.P. (2010). Examining Immediate and Maintenance Effects of a Reading Intervention Package on Generalization Materials: Individual versus Group Implementation. Journal of Behavioral Education, 19(1), 7-29.
  • Klubnik, C.; Murphy, L, Butzon, C., Warner-Metzger, C., Zlatevski, D. (2010). Social Awareness and Receptive Language Profiles for Children with Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Accepted for Poster Presentation at Annual Conference for AAIDD in June 2010.
  • Murphy L, Graff JC, Butzon C, Metzger-Warner C, Keisling B, Palmer FB, Richey P, Tylavsky F, Zlatevski D, Klubnik C, Somes G. Parenting stress among mothers of infants with and without IDD. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Annual Meeting, June 2010, Providence, RI.
  • Palmer FB, Graff JC, Murphy LE, Tylavsky FA, Richey PA, Somes GW. Maternal and Infant Factors Associated with Infant Socioemotional Development at 12 Months. Pediatric Academic Societies, Vancouver, May 2010.
  • Peters-Myszak, J. & Benner, L. (2010). An evaluation of Mind Reading for children with ASD. Presented to NASP Conference, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Psychosocial Issues (2010). Betz, C.L.; Nehring, W.M. (eds). Nursing Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: An Integrated Approach.
  • Somes GW, Murphy LE, Graff JC, Palmer FB, Richey PA, Connor PD, Tylavsky FA. Twelve month measure of g. Gatlinburg Conference, Annapolis, MD, March 2010
  • Wallace LS, Bittle J, Palmer FB. The good, the bad, and the ugly: successes, challenges, and lessons learned in online continuing education for interdisciplinary health professionals. Association of University Centers on Disabilities Annual Meeting, Washington, November, 2009.

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