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Katie Faulkner, PhD

faulkner photo

Katie Faulkner, PhD
Assistant Professor


  • Cochlear Implants (CI)
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Hearing Science 
Dr. Katie Faulkner has been with UT since 2015 and teaches courses including Pediatric Audiology, Hearing Disorders, Cochlear Implants, and Advanced Aural Rehabilitation. Prior to her appointment at UT, she completed a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at Indiana University in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. Dr. Faulkner’s clinical background has motivated her program of research, which is focused on exploring ways to improve outcome and benefit for CI users.  Her research interests are focused on three primary areas: 1) identifying the sources of individual variability in pediatric and adult cochlear implant listeners, 2) understanding the relationship between neurocognitive information processing skills and auditory perception in challenging listening situations in cochlear implant listeners, and 3) improving current auditory training methods by incorporating novel perceptual learning techniques from the field of cognitive psychology. Her current projects include relating electrophysiologic measures (ECAP) with speech understanding and cognitive skills in adult CI users.
  • MS, Washington University, St. Louis, (2004)
  • PhD, University of Washington, Seattle (2012) 


Last Published: Sep 5, 2018