Purpose of Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS)

Promote policies, practices, and programs that advance women's participation and success by:

  • Advocating for women's advancement and leadership in education, research, clinical practice, and administration;
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to female professional advancement;
  • Promoting sustainable strategies to enhance an institutional climate of inclusion, equity and opportunity;
  • Monitoring the status of women in medicine and science at UTHSC in order to ensure equality of participation, professional advancement, and compensation;
  • Developing and disseminating initiatives, resources, and mentoring and professional career development programs;
  • Communicating widely the successes of women in medicine and science by recognizing women's accomplishments;
  • Stimulating collaboration with external partners by creating opportunities for networking

Focus Areas

Pursing Excellence

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Women Helping Women Succeed (WHWS) workshops, seminars, symposia, panel discussions, and mentoring events are offered throughout the year. Topics vary quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year and teach participants essential skills for career development and job readiness. These events and activities are resources for all UTHSC students, faculty, and staff but spotlight topics that are of special interest for women. The professional development series is designed to help campus members succeed both at UTHSC and as they embark upon their career paths.

Helping Each Other Succeed

MEMBERSHIP: The WIMS Mentorship Program consists of various social events held throughout the year. These allow students to interact with faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and residents, as well as one another. Some of these events, such as “Careers Over Coffee,” (WIMS members only) are more informal and allow students to interact with specialist in their desired profession, Others, like the annual fall social, which is held at a faculty members house, and the annual WIMS Spring Symposium, are more formal events. These social and mentoring events aim to provide networking opportunities for students and encourage faculty-student mentoring relationships.

Maintaining Balance

SELF & COLLEAUGE CARE: This was added as the fifth focus area for WIMS last year. Since the beginning, WIMS has striven to be a resource in helping the women of UTHSC to find a balance between one's work and personal lives. Last year WIMS, in conjunction with the alumni office and Wellness Council, hosted a half day seminar titled, "Thriving in a Survivor's World," entirely devoted to this topic. We strongly believe that understanding the importance of this concept now is an invaluable tool as our members continue on this ever-demanding road towards professional careers in medicine and the sciences.

Recruiting the Best and Brightest

WOMEN’S WEEKEND: This two-day event, held in the spring, is open to all female applicants to UTHSC College of Medicine. Over the course of the weekend, participants have the opportunity to learn more about unique opportunities offered to the medical students of UTHSC. Participants also have the opportunity to meet current students and as well as experience life in Memphis through various volunteer and social activities. This weekend was designed to establish peer support for women applying to UTHSC and to increase the number of women enrolled in the College of Medicine at UTHSC.

Giving Back

LOCAL OUTREACH: WIMS prides itself on supporting local outreach programs and participating in annual events as a group. For example, the ”Dress for Success” clothing drive and “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” a domestic violence awareness event, are annual events WIMS supports. Being a relatively new organization, we have not yet established an affiliation with one specific outreach or charity program. At this phase in our growth we have found that supporting other organizations and annual charity events here in Memphis is the best way for our outreach efforts to be most effective.


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