Tell Us Your Story!Your College: How can you make sure WIMS is addressing your needs?

Your College: How can you make sure WIMS is addressing your needs?

Become a College Representative.

We are looking for motivated individuals to represent their college as representatives to WIMS. As a representative you will serve as a voice for the concerns specific to your college. One of the goals of WIMS is to identify and address barriers to female professional advancement here at UTHSC.

With your help, we can make sure that any existing barriers specific to your college are addressed. By participating in WIMS as a college representative you will have the opportunity to help plan our career development series, “Women Helping Women Succeed,” and assure that topics covered are tailored to your needs as a student, faculty, or staff member of UTHSC.

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What role would you like to see WIMS play within your college? At UTHSC?

What would you identify as specific needs of women students in your college?

What do you think would benefit UTHSC women?

Why would you make a good college representative?

Identify any specific strength(s) would you bring to this organization:
Increasing support/participation for WIMS Web design
Grant writing Recruiting mentors Fundraising Event organization/execution

Any other strengths? Please specify:

For questions or more information, please feel free to contact Meredith Metcalf, M-2.

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