Purpose and Conception

Postdoctoral research trainee appointees are individuals who come to UTHSC to further their training in a chosen discipline after recently obtaining their terminal degree (e.g., PhD, MD, DDS, PharmD). This training is for a limited term, conducted in an apprenticeship mode wherein the trainee works under the supervision of an investigator who is qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of a mentor.

The UTHSC Postdoctoral Association (PhDA) was founded in 2007 and is comprised of individuals who are motivated by goals consistent with our mission statement. The PhDA is also dedicated to facilitating communication between the postdoctoral community, faculty mentors and the administration of UTHSC to enhance the postdoctoral training experience and to provide postdoctoral research trainees with the skills to enhance the development of their careers.


Primary, full membership is reserved for UTHSC Postdoctoral research trainee appointees in any research area, but other interested parties (research associates, research assistants, fellows, faculty, administrators, technicians, graduate students and volunteer research personnel) may also become actively involved as associate members.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UTPhDA is to establish a self-sustaining organization to provide a voice for postdoctoral scholars, and to assist in their integration within the University of Tennessee Health Science Center community. Establishment of this organization will endeavor to enhance the quality of the postdoctoral experience for all participants.


  • Act as an advocate for all UTHSC Postdoctoral research trainees on high quality issues
  • Establish mutually rewarding relationships with mentors, administration and the UTHSC Community
  • Enlist the support of UTHSC Postdoctoral research trainees towards PhDA efforts through committee participation and involvement
  • Establish relationships with other Postdoctoral research trainees regionally and at the national level through interactions with the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA)
  • Organize networking and social events that will showcase the skills and talents of our Postdoctoral scholars
  • Promote career development for Postdoctoral research trainees
  • Promote the ethical conduction of research
  • Encourage Postdoctoral research trainees to participate within the UTHSC and Memphis Community as volunteers and professional examples
  • To maintain an internet site of information pertinent to UTHSC Postdoctoral research trainees.