UTHSC PhDA Annual Events

  • Meet & Eat Event
  • Research Day
  • Postdoctoral Career Day
  • Valentine’s Day Event
  • Postdoc of the Year and Mentoring Award Presentation
  • Postdoc Celebration Day
  • Election and announcement Postdoctoral Association Steering Committee Officers and members

Note: dates and times will be announced through campus e-mails


PhDA Steering Committee Officers & Members

Mounir Bendahmane, Ph.D. (Co-President)
Giri Chandaka, Ph.D. (Co-President)
Nicole Poritsanos, Ph.D. (Secretary/Treasurer)
George Haddad, Ph.D. (Member)
Padala Kamala, Ph.D. (Member)
Korah Pushpamangalam Kuruvilla, Ph.D. (Member)
David New, Ph.D (Member)
Snigdha Roy, Ph.D. (Member)
Jaligama Sridhar, Ph.D. (Member)
Lynda Wilmott, Ph.D. (Member)
Young In Kim Hoehamer, Ph.D. (Faculty Advisor)