Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

How do I get more information than what is on the website?

  • Contact the college department for additional program information.

How do I pay my enrollment deposit when no fee appears in Banner?

How do I get to the CAS applications?

I forgot my login ID/password, can you help me?

  • If needing login for admissions, check SAAEAPS to see the login/password or direct call to admissions counselor.
  • If needing login information after admissions, we can only give out the NetID off SPAIDEN, or direct call to registrar staff.

What are the application deadlines?

The application deadlines depend on the college and/or program. For example:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy - November 1
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery - September 30
  • Integrated Biomedical Sciences - January 15
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - January 15
  • MSN-Clinical Nurse Leader - January 6
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice - January 15
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (Nurse Anesthesia only) - September 1
  • Doctor of Pharmacy - February 1

Please see individual College Admission websites for application deadlines

Where do I find the criminal background check and do I need to complete it?

What is the cost for the criminal background check?

Cost for the criminal background check depends on the college. For example:

  • College of Pharmacy: $97.00
  • Nursing DNP: $97
  • Nursing DNP-CRNA: $130
  • Nursing MSN: $97
  • Nursing MSN-CNL: $97 
  • Occupational Therapy: $58

When is the deadline to send in my transcript(s)?

  • The deadlines for submitting your transcripts to the college depend on the program. For example, the deadline for the College of Pharmacy is August 2nd. It is required that submission of all “official” transcripts, to the Office of Admissions, be complete prior to the first day of classes.

What are the prerequisite course requirements per program?

  • For a full list of prerequisites, please see the program’s website.     
  • Pharmacy - the applicant must complete ninety (90) hours of prerequisite course work at another college or university
  • MSN-CNL - eight (8) hours human anatomy & physiology with lab; three (3) hours microbiology with lab; three (3) hours statistics [all taken at another college or university]

What is the required percentile for the PCAT?

  • 65-70%.

For Nursing, do I submit a NursingCAS and Banner application also?

  • All College of Nursing applicants complete a NursingCAS application except for those applying to the DNP Nurse Anesthesia program or to the College of Graduate Health Sciences PhD in Nursing Science program. Applicants for the DNP Nurse Anesthesia program and PhD in Nursing Science complete a paper application. Students formally admitted to those programs complete a Banner application after acceptance.

Does Nursing require any tests to apply to the MSN-CNL and BSN Programs?

  • Yes, TEAS exam. TEAS is offered at UTHSC; please call Jamie Overton at (901) 448-6139 for more information.

What is the minimum GPA for Nursing?

  • 3.0.

In the MSN-CNL program, how many applicants are accepted each year?

  • The College of Nursing determines this number each year and as such, this number varies depending on the decisions made within the college.

Does UTHSC require any other exams for international applicants other than the TOEFL?

  • No other international tests are required.

Can I maintain a full-time job and complete the BNS program?

  • The BSN is a full-time program predominantly from 7AM-5PM Monday through Friday; as such maintaining a full-time job is not recommended.

Is the GRE a required entrance exam for the DNP-Nurse Anesthesia program?

  • Yes.

I have yet to complete my BSN degree but will complete one next spring, can I go ahead and apply for the MSN-CNL or DNP program?

  • You may apply at this time but should you be accepted, acceptance would be contingent upon you finishing your degree successfully and obtaining RN licensure. Once you complete your undergraduate degree, UTHSC will require your final official transcript showing your awarded degree.

My GPA is below 3.0, what can I do to increase my chances of being accepted to UTHSC?

  • Take some additional classes; try to write a professional essay; collect excellent letters of recommendation; work hard to get high entrance exam scores (e.g. TEAS exam).

I was in a nursing program at another institution but I did not finish, can I still apply for Nursing?

  • You may apply but UTHSC requires each entering student to start the program from the beginning.

I was in a nursing program at another institution and was dismissed; can I still apply for Nursing?

  • UTHSC does not admit dismissed students.

Can the TOEFL requirement be waived?

  • Only the Dean of the college can waive the TOEFL requirement.

Can the evaluation requirement for my transcript be waived? I can translate it to English from my foreign university?

  • All foreign transcripts MUST be evaluated and UTHSC does not waive this requirement. UTHSC cannot accept a translated transcript from any foreign institution.
  • Please refer to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Service participants listed below for assistance with this procedure:
  • World Education Services, Inc. -
  • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. -

How do I schedule a campus tour?

How will I know if my application is complete?

  • You may check the status of your application by speaking with your admissions counselor.

When is orientation?

  • Applicants can check the date of orientation by speaking with their admissions counselor.

How long does it take to receive my NetID and password?

  • Under standard circumstances, the new student NetID is provided within 72 hours of the official Letter of Admission. The NetID is e-mail to the student (using a student provided e-mail address).

Can I fax a copy of my transcript?

  • UTHSC must receive an official copy of the transcript sent from the issuing institution and cannot therefore accept a faxed copy. Electronic copies are acceptable, but only from the issuing institution (i.e., the Registrar).