Residents as Teachers

A major part of a resident's responsibilities (~25%) is to teach students, interns, and fellow residents (Busari JO, 2002). While they may feel confident in their patient care responsibilities, they may simultaneously feel unprepared for the teaching duties. Not only is resident as teachers training helpful to residents, it is highly recommended by ACGME and necessary for LCME accreditation.

At an institution offering a medical education program, residents who supervise or teach medical students must prepared for their roles in teaching and assessment.

Workshop Objectives

  • Improve the teaching skills of our residents
  • Provide new information and methods for effective teaching
  • Encourage residents to share ideas they have found to be effective

General Discussion Topics

  • Five Minute Preceptor
  • Teaching Theory and Techniques
  • Giving Feedback
  • Completing Quality Evaluations
  • Professionalism

In addition to these general topics, each 4 hour workshop series can be tailored to the specific need of your area! Please complete the attached form provided to help us design workshops that best meet your needs.

Residents as Teachers Workshop Request

Did You Know?

Students have much shorter attention spans when watching educational videos online as to opposed to live lectures.

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