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The Office of Student Affairs is concerned with the overall growth, development, and graduation of medical students. Thus, the goal of our office is to serve students through a wide range of activities and programs, including career counseling, residency placement, graduation activities, and much, much more.

Mental Health Week: Thriving, Not Just Surviving

SASSI Spring #TakeCare Campaign
Please join the Campus in supporting you with the Spring #TakeCare Campaign events: “Thriving, Not Just Surviving.” These events are sponsored by SASSI, Student Life and the College of Medicine Wellness Committee. Please find the events listed below along with a flyer attached identifying each event, the locations, and online access, when available. Learn more, visit UTHSC CAMPUS CARES!

[#TakeCare: Campus Events | #TakeCare COM Events]

Personal Statement Workshop

Personal Statement Workshop with Dean Strome
February 12 4:00 PM | Coleman North Auditorium
You are one of 500 applicants hoping to get one of 50 interviews for one of four spots at one of the best competitive residency programs your specialty has to offer. How can you maximize your chances? By writing a “WOW!” personal statement! Having an exciting, well-written personal statement is one way of making your application stand out from all the others!  Plan to join Dean Strome on February 12th as he shares his enthusiasm  and expertise on how to write a compelling personal statement that has everyone saying, “WOW! We want this applicant in our program!”

MPOWER Large Group Session

MPOWER Large Group Session for M1s (Required attendance)
February 13, 2019 | Noon | GEB A102
As a counselor with SASSI, Dr. Nakeshi "Nikki" Dyer is in a unique position to share with you her dynamic personality and thought-provoking insights about some of today's patient related issues. Topic: "Implicit Bias and its Impact on Clinical Practice." Lunch provided.

Career Connection: Match 201

Career Connection: Match 201 for M2s (Required attendance)
February 15, 2019
Insight from Dr. Susan Brewer on "how to make the big decision!" Part of the M3 orientation hosted by the Office of Medical Education. This session is designed to get you thinking about your career path and what you should do as an M3 to prepare for residency. Snacks provided.

Town Hall Follow-Up with Dr. Strome

Town Hall Follow-Up with Dr. Scott Strome, Executive Dean COM
Monday, February 18, 2019 | 4:30 PM | A102 GEB
Dr. Strome would like an opportunity to thank you for your feedback and involvement in our quest to make your educational experiences here at the UTHSC College of Medicine positive, exciting and memorable. Your discussions have been very thoughtful and encouraging. Please plan to join Dr. Strome on February 18 for an update on the issues that matter most to you. For additional information, please contact Tanya Hendricks ( / 448-5293) or Demetria Sturgis ( / 448-5529). Can’t attend in person? No worries! Download the Town Hall Follow-up Announcement for a listing of remote access options!

[Town Hall Follow-Up Announcement | Zoom Access Information]

M2 STEP PEP: Class of 2021

Step Pep! for M2s (Required attendance)
February 27, 2019 | Noon | GEB A102
You got this...or at least you will! Step Pep! M3s geating up to pep you up for that USMLE Step 1 exam! Lunch provided.

[Learn more, visit SASSI Learning Resources! | STEP PREP Flyer]

MPOWER Peer to Peer Session

MPOWER Peer to Peer Session for M1s (Required attendance)
March 8, 2019 | Noon | GEB A103
Engaging conversation about issues faced by first year medical students as you start winding down your first year. SPOTLIGHTS: Hear first-hand about the great work students are doing on campus, out in the community, and across the world! Learn how you can get involved. Spotlights: Memphis Street Health & CIAO. Lunch provided.

MPOWER Large Group Session

MPOWER Large Group Session for M1s (Required attendance)
April 18, 2019 | Noon | GEB A102
WOW! We're already making plans for your last Large Group Session! Stay tuned for details! We can't wait to share this exciting topic with you! Lunch provided.

MPOWER End of Year Celebration

MPOWER End of Year Celebration
May 14, 2019 | Doc's Field & Sand Volleyball Court
Members of all four houses will soon be busy making plans that will absolutely have you excited about summer! Fun, food, and more! Watch your inbox - details coming soon!

Protecting our UTHSC Brand! It's a BIG deal

Student groups and organizations often do not realize all that they need to do before producing and selling an item such as a T-shirt. First, they must submit the design for their art to the UTHSC Communications and Marketing Department for review. After Communications and Marketing has reviewed, edited and approved the design, it then must be submitted to the UTHSC Office of Student Affairs. All student fund-raising projects, even when they don't include the UTHSC brand, must first be approved by the UTHSC Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Trademark Licensing will provide an updated list of approved vendors from which to choose at Vendors who do not appear on the list are not approved to print items with the UTHSC brand.

Dr. Susan Brewer will be hosting an afternoon info-session on "Fundraising Hurdles & Campus Regulations" for COM student group and organization leaders. Class officers (presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries and treasurers) are also expected to attend. Group/organization leaders and class officers are asked to RSVP responding to your MeetingWizard invitation or by contacting Alysia Danley ( / 448-5684) directly. Time and location of meeting TBA.

Health Services for UTHSC Students Outside Memphis

For ALL students, on or off the UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) campus, a University Health Services (UHS) on-call provider is available 24/7 for any urgent issue (medical or behavioral health). The number to call is 901-541-5654.

If you are having an emergency, call 911 to access immediate help in your area. To reach a provider at UHS, Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30, call 901-448-5630.

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Clinica Esperanza (Clinic of Hope) serves uninsured, Hispanic patients each Wednesday from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. With the support of Christ Community Clinic, Clinica Esperanza has helped meet the medical needs of hundreds of patients over the last three years. The clinic is completely run by volunteers. Student volunteers from all four medical school classes come each week and serve as interpreters, work in the lab, help update patient records, and interview and examine patients under the direction of attending physicians. The attending physicians from the departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Ob/Gyn provide patients with excellent care, while exemplifying for the students the importance of serving in the community as an essential part of the medical profession. Clinica Esperanza would also like to thank our faculty sponsors, Dr. Adams-Graves, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Lewis, and Dr. Steinhauer for their continued support as volunteer attendings. Clinica Esperanza is located at 2861 Broad Avenue in the Christ Community building. If you would like more information about Clinica Esperanza, please E-mail

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