Student Resources

  • University Health
    Student Mental Health Service
    Seeking help at Student Mental Health is not frowned upon, but actually encouraged by the administration.
  • Support Groups
    Support groups can be helpful in certain situations: Divorce, bereavement, parent-child issues, Adult Children of Alcoholics, ALANON, AA, etc. Look on the internet for locations and services.
  • Faith-Based Support
    Students who feel lonely and dislocated and who consider themselves members of a faith community should make every effort to find a faith community in Memphis.
  • Toastmasters
    Good resource for students with public speaking anxiety. Many professionals attend as well. Practice speaking in a non-threatening environment. Public speaking will be a critical part of rotations.
  • Emergency Contacts
    Crisis Center, staffed 24-hours
    901-CRISIS7 (901-274-7477)

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