Faculty Mentors: Advisors, Colleagues & Confidants

The Faculty Mentoring Program is one of the activities supported by the Office of Student Affairs. Each year, the incoming class is divided into approximately 30 small groups. Each group has one or two M2 peer counselors who have volunteered to help with New Student Orientation, and to shephard and support the new students until they have found their bearings. The Faculty Mentors meet with their groups about once a month through the first year. The role of the Mentor is critical to the success of the program.

Role of the Faculty Mentor

Best described as a friend on the faculty who can help the student keep things in proper perspective. The Mentor does not get involved in academic problems, beyond pointing students to the resources available (Office of Medical EducationCourse Directors,  Student Academic Support Services and InclusionStudent Mental HealthFinancial Aid, etc.).

In fact, the Mentor should encourage the students to pay attention to life outside medical school, such as family, friends, church, hobbies, etc., and set a good example.

For more information on becoming a faculty mentor or about the role they play in a students medical education, contact Owen P. Phillips, MD, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

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