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One of the most valuable resources students have when choosing their career path is our very own distinguished College of Medicine faculty. Mentoring is a critical factor throughout all career stages. The choice of medical specialty for some may be difficult. The contact information provided below serves to open the door for students to make contact with the various specialties he/she may be considering.




Website: 901.448.5893
Chairman (Knoxville): Jeffery Epps, M.D.
Research Inquiries: Jaya Ramanathan, M.D.
Contacts: (Memphis) Abdullah Abdullah,M.D.
Matthew Fabian, M.D.
Ravpreet Gill, M.D.


Anesthesiology Links of Interest



Website: 901.448.5795
Chairman: Kathryn Schwarzenberger, M.D.
Contacts: Kristopher Fisher, M.D.
Emily Jones, M.D.
Coordinator: Miea Williams

Dermatology Links of Interest


Emergency Medicine

Website: Emergency Medicine (Chattanooga) Phone: 423.778.7628
Chairman: James H. Creel, M.D.
Program Director: Sudave Mediratta, M.D.
Coordinator: Velvet Green

Emergency Medicine Links of Interest


Family Medicine

Website: 901.448.5899
Interim Co-Chairs: Muneeza Khan, MD (Memphis), Gregg Mitchell, MD (Jackson)
Directors: Gregg Mitchell, M.D.(Jackson), Muneeza Khan, M.D. (St.Francis), Stephen Adams, M.D. (Chattanooga), Amy Stevens, M.D. (Knoxville)
Coordinators: Priscilla Griffith (St. Francis), Sharron Cole (Jackson),
Sharron Skoretz (Chattanooga), Teresa (Khristy) Harris (Knoxville)

Research Inquiries: David L. Maness, D.O.

Family Medicine Links of Interest


Internal Medicine

Website: 901.448.5814
Chairman: Guy L. Reed, M.D.
Program Director: Kim Huch, M.D.
Coordinator:Bran Upchurch
Research Inquiries:

Internal Medicine Links of Interest



Website: 901.448.3714
Chairman: Guy L. Reed, M.D. (Med)
Jonathan McCullers,M.D.(Peds)
Program Director: Natasha Thompson, M.D.
Coordinator: Melissa Hayes
Research Inquiries: B. Keith English, M.D. (Peds)
Dennis D. Black, M.D. (Peds)

Medicine/Pediatrics Links of Interest


Neurological Surgery

Website: 901.448.6375
Chairman: Frederick Boop, M.D.
Program Director: L. Madison Michael II,M.D.
Coordinator: Mary Guynn
Research Inquiries: Jon H. Robertson, M.D.

Neurosurgery Links of Interest



Website: 901.448.6199
Chairman: Andrei Alexandrov, M.D.
Program Director: Michael Jacewicz, M.D.
Coordinator: Paula Odom
Research Inquiries: Michael C. Levin, M.D.
Mark S. LeDoux, M.D., Ph.D.
Ronald F. Pfeiffer, Ph.D.

Neurology Links of Interest


Obstetrics & Gynecology

Website: 901.448.4795
Chairman: Giancarlo Mari, M.D.
Program Director: Claudette J. Shephard, M.D.
Residency Contact: Julie Clyce
Research Inquiries: Giancarlo Mari, M.D.
Danielle Tate, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Links of Interest



Website: 901.448.5883
Chairman: James Flemming, M.D.
Program Director: Natalie C. Kerr, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Coordinator: Miea Williams
Research Inquiries: Eldon Geisert, M.D.

Ophthalmology Links of Interest


Orthopaedic Surgery

Website: 901.759-3275
Chairman: S. Terry Canale, M.D.
Program Director: David R. Richardson, M.D.
Coordinator: Susan Coffill
Research Inquiries: S. Terry Canale, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgery Links of Interest


Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery

Website: 901.448-5885
Chairman: Jerome V. Thompson, M.D., M.B.A.
Program Director: Rosemary Stocks,M.D.
Coordinator: Bryan Thorn
Research Inquiries: Jerome V. Thompson, M.D., M.B.A.

Otolaryngology Links of Interest



Website: 901.448-6344
Chairman: Charles R. Handorf, M.D., Ph.D.
Program Director: Nadeem Zafar,M.D.
Associate Director: Nadeem Zafar, M.D.
Coordinator: Anita Anderson
Research Inquiries: Lawrence Pfeffer, Ph.D.
Tiffany Seagroves, Ph.D.

Pathology Links of Interest



Website: 901.287-6210
Chairman: Jonathan McCullers, M.D.
Program Director: Mark Bugnitz, M.D.
Coordinator: Karen Ariemma
Research Inquiries: B. Keith English, M.D.
Dennis D. Black, M.D.

Pediatrics Links of Interest


Plastic Surgery

Website: 901.448-1350
Chairman: Robert D. Wallace, M.D.
Program Director: Robert D. Wallace, M.D.
Coordinator: Elizabeth Sauve

Plastic Surgery Links of Interest



Website: 901.448-6400
Chairman: James A. Greene, M.D.
Program Director: Iverson Bell, M.D.
Coordinator: Leigh Ann Barns
Research Inquiries: James A. Greene, M.D.

Psychiatry Links of Interest



Website: 901.516-8675
Chairman: Harris L. Cohen, M.D.
Program Director: Eric Hutchins, M.D.
Coordinator:Clara Bright
Research Inquiries: Harris L. Cohen, M.D.
Contacts: Brian Green, M.D.

Name Links of Interest


Surgery - General

Website: 901.448-5914
Chairman: Timothy C. Fabian, M.D.
Program Director: F. Elizabeth Pritchard, M.D.
Coordinator: Cynthia Tooley
Research Inquiries: Timothy C. Fabian, M.D.
Contacts: George Maish, M.D.

Surgery Links of Interest


Transitional (Methodist)

Website: Transitional MethodistPhone: 901.516-8255
Chairman: Chris Sands, M.D.
Program Director: Catherine Clarke, M.D.
Coordinator: Judy S. Watts



Website: 901.448-1026
Chairman: Robert W. Wake, M.D.
Program Director: Robert W. Wake, M.D.
Coordinator: Trish Phelan
Research Inquiries: Robert W. Wake, M.D.

Urology Links of Interest

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