Alpha Omega Alpha

Selection for membership is the same as it was in 1902. Students who are in the top quartile of the graduating class are considered for membership based on a consideration of the additional qualities of scholarship, leadership, fairness in dealing with colleagues, compassion, integrity and service to the school and community at large. The mission statement states that: "AOA is committed to being a rising voice for professionalism, to recognizing the importance of optimal patient care, and to emphasizing the need for continuing scholarship and academic achievements."

In concert with the selection criteria set forth by the AOA Constitution, up to one-sixth of the projected number of students graduating will be identified. The Councilor and the AOA Selection Committee will meet in confidence to select students for membership. A Chapter may elect up to half of that one-sixth of the students in the Spring of the third year, and the remainder at any time from the Fall of the fourth year until graduation.

Here at the University of Tennessee HSC, the selection process takes place in early Spring (February) to select the third year students and faculty, and in early Fall (September) to select the fourth year students and residents/fellows.

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