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Best Buddies

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Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to creating one-on-one, meaningful friendships with our peers with special needs. The UTHSC Chapter of Best Buddies is relatively new, and this year we held our first Buddy Match Process. Buddy pairs contact one another weekly and meet at least twice per month. Best Buddies of Memphis holds different events throughout the year including Best Buddies Prom and Friendship Walk. The UTHSC chapter also plans many events throughout the year. Best Buddies is a great way to build quality friendships and promote inclusion. Associate members who do not wish to be matched are welcome too.

  • Dates/Times: There will be a "meet and greet" Red Birds game at the start of the new school year, and we will hold an informational meeting on campus around that time as well. We then will meet as needed throughout the year. Most of our club interaction will happen at UTHSC Best Buddies events and Memphis Best Buddies events like Prom and Friendship Walk.
  • Contact: Mallory Uekman (President) 

Church Health Center Liaison Committee

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The purpose of our group is to a) Serve as ambassadors at UTHSC for the Church Health Center with regards to its overall mission and community outreach goals, b) Gain exposure and experience in community-based healthcare, c) Serve as student representatives from whom CHC can get feedback and gather ideas, d) Develop and execute community projects on behalf of CHC and UTHSC to promote health and wellness in Memphis. We will be contacting students regularly about service opportunities, educational programs, and for input on CHC projects.

Street Medicine: Foot Clinic

The homeless population is more reliant on their feet for transportation than the average American. They are at risk for poor foot health due to overuse, lack of adequate foot protection, and extreme weather conditions. A sizable number of homeless people are also suffering from morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, alcoholism, and injuries that further complicate their foot health. Being immobile due to poor foot health can be detrimental to independence of a homeless person. Intervention can give the homeless population the foot care that they might not otherwise seek out while additionally decreasing the amount of traffic through and the financial burden on local emergency rooms.

  • Dates/Times: 4:00-6:00 on the first Saturday of each month
  • Location: St. John's United Methodist Church 1207 Peabody Ave, Memphis, TN 38104
  • Contacts:Nikhita Jain (Co-President) and Annie Ameha (Co-President) 

Street Medicine: Meals on Heels

This has been something new we have been began this year. Ideally, every month, we will be packing balanced meals as sacked lunches that we will pass out to members of the homeless community. This was a brilliant idea that Annie actually came up with, and it seeks to address a fundamental need experience by many in Memphis: proper nutrition.

Downtown Memphis is the epitome of a food dessert, with little option for fresh produce or quality proteins. Add to this a constant struggle to salvage for the financial means to purchase sustenance, and you realize one of many predicaments the homeless face. Currently there are several non-profit organizations and churches committed to feeding the homeless every day of the week.

Making people aware of these valuable resources (we include flyers with our sacked lunches), along with offering up a quick and healthy meal in the process, is one way we believe we can make a difference and foster a relationship with Memphis's homeless.


Student-2-Student Memphis (S2S) is a School Board-approved program that teaches medically accurate reproductive health education to 10th-to-12th grade students in Shelby County Schools. Medical students volunteer teach 50-minute sessions that aim to combat the city's high rates of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Dates/Times: We aim to schedule our mentoring sessions on Fridays, but sometimes we're unable to do so and will schedule earlier in the week
  • Contacts:  Will Evans (President) and  Selam Tesema (Vice-President) 

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