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Trent Brewer

Picture of Trent Brewer

  • Email:
  • PhD Program Advisor: Taosheng Chen
  • PhD Thesis Topic: Chemical Biology and Therapeutics
  • Undergraduate Institution: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Hometown: Wartrace, TN

David Bulger

Picture of David Bulger

  • Email:
  • Off-Site PhD: University of Cambridge (NIH OxCam Program)
  • PhD Program Advisors: Michael Krause, John Hanover, Robert Semple
  • PhD Thesis Topic: Modelling Rare Human Genetic Disorders of Metabolism in C. elegans
  • Undergraduate Institution: Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK)
  • Hometown: Owatonna, MN
  • Featured Publications
    • Bulger D, Conley J, Majumdar G, Solomon SS. Role of PTEN in TNF-alpha Induced Insulin Resistance. [Abstract] J. Inv. Med. 62:2, 494-495 (2013)

Natalie M. Guley

Picture of Natalie M. Guley

  • Email:
  • PhD Program Advisor: Anton Reiner
  • PhD Thesis Topic: Characterizing the Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on the mouse visual system in a blast overpressure model of closed head injury
  • Undergraduate Institution: St. Edwards University
  • Hometown: Austin, TX


John Fisher, PhD

Chris Miller, MD, PhD (Class of 2011)

Valerie Jansen, MD, PhD (Class of 2010)

Mike DeCuypere, MD, PhD (Class of 2010)

Nick Phillips, MD, PhD (Class of 2009)

Christopher Duntsch, MD, PhD (Class of 2002)

  • Residency: Neurosurgery (UTHSC)
  • Fellowship: Minimally Invasive Spine (UTHSC)
  • Time to PhD Completion (years): 3.5

Todd Robinson, MD, PhD (Class of ’92)

  • Academic Position: Preventive Medicine (UTHSC)
  • Residency: Internal Medicine
  • Fellowship: Endocrinology (NIH)
  • PhD Thesis Topic: Physiology and Biophysics (May 1990)

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