Highlights Since 1980

Item                                                     Total
Years of NIH Funding                           1980 - present
Total NIH Funding Since 1980              $2.0 million
Medical Student Research Fellows        500+
Faculty Preceptors                                158
Department                                           21
Manuscripts Published                          104
Abstracts Published                              162
Poster and Slide Presentations            112
Research Prizes                                    36

Program Information

Funding Source/Duration                     National Institutes of Health
                                                            USPHS Grant T35 DK07405
Stipend Level                                       $1,731 per month/$5,193 per full
                                                             option period
Appointment Period                              2-3 months (June-August)
Number of Fellowships                         24 per year (2005-2010)
Projection Locations                             UT Health Science Center,
                                                             Affiliated Institutions w/UT Faculty

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