University of Tennessee College of Medicine NIH Medical Student Research Fellowship Program 2010 Summer Research Fellows

Student Mentor Proposal View
Allderdice, Charles Sun, Yao, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering;

Weber, Karl T., M.D., Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine;

Bhattacharya, Syamal K., Ph.D., Professor, Surgery and Medicine;

Ahokas, Robert A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medicine
Isoproterenol-Induced Cardiac injury and mitochondria-targeted cardioprotective strategies: responses to cyclosporine A View
Aldred, Patrick W. Helton, Kathleen J., M.D., Professor, Radiological Sciences Quantification and evaluation of patterns of brain injury utilizing MRI segmentation techniques in children with sickle cell disease and a history of prior stroke View
Barnes, Matthew Mansbach, Charles M., II, M.D., Professor, Medicine and Physiology Role of caveloin-1 in directing lipid raft transport to the endoplasmic reticulum of intestinal epithelial cells View
Bauman, Jessica Pfeffer, Lawrence M., Ph.D. Professor and Vice Chair, Pathology The effect of selective inhibition of NFκB on the anticancer activity of IFN in glioblastoma multiforme View
Berry, Davis Elam, Marshall, M.D., Ph.D., FAHA, Professor, Pharmacology;

Xiong Deng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Molecular mechanisms of mitigation of insulin induction of SREBP-1c and hepatic lipogenesis: The effect of n-3 PUFA on LXRα heterodimer formation and examination of interactions between LXRα and its trans-acting factors View
Birg, Aleksandr Iannaccone, Alessandro, M.D., M.S., Ophthalmology Autoimmunity in Retinal Degenerative Diseases View
Black, Ryan Solomon, Solomon S., M.D., Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology Does Thyrotoxicosis Predispose One to Cocaine Addiction? View
Chinn Alex Jordan Liao, Francesca-Fang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pharmacology Role of Rho-ROCK signaling in sAPPα-mediated neuroprotection and neurogenesis View
Cohen, Brian H. Ahokas, Robert A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medicine;

Weber, Karl T., M.D., Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine;

Bhattacharya, Syamal K., Ph.D., Professor, Surgery and Medicine;

Sun, Yao, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
Isoproterenol-Induced Cardiac Injury and Mitochondria-Targeted Cardioprotective Strategies: Responses to Nebivolol View
Cullinan, Darren Jaggar, Jonathan, Ph.D., Professor, Physiology Arterial Diameter Regulation by Smooth Muscle Cell α2δ-1 Subunits View
Elseroad, Stanton Black, Dennis D., M.D., Professor, Pediatrics and Physiology Role of the Carboxy Terminus of Human Apolipoprotein A-IV in Modulating Chylomicron Assembly and Secretion View
Escue, Emily Andrzej T. Slominsky, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Pathology Targeting NFkB and the Vitamin D Receptor in Melanoma Therapy View
Gouge, Jamis Gerling, Ivan C., Ph.D., Medicine - Endocrinology Oxidative stress in leukocytes from non-obese diabetic mice View
Haddad, Mustafa Stentz, Frankie, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Medicine and Molecular Sciences;

Kitabchi, Abbas, Ph.D., M.D., Associate Professor, Medicine and Molecular Sciences
Comparison of high protein and high carbohydrates diets on levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in obese pre-menopausal women View
Khan, Nickalus Fabian, Timothy, M.D., FACS, Professor and Chair, Surgery Effects of Ibuprofen & PSI-697 on Pulmonary Contusions in Rats View
King, Benjamin A. Ogg, Robert J., Ph.D., Chief of Translational Imaging Research, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fMRI analysis of functional and developmental changes in the primary visual cortex of retinoblastoma patients View
Littleton, Travis Kitabchi, Abbas, Ph.D., M.D., Professor, Medicine and Molecular Sciences;

Stentz, Frankie, Ph.D., Professor, Medicine and Molecular Sciences
Effect of diet composition on weight change and metabolic parameters View
Marker, Mathew English, Keith, M.D., Professor, Dept of Pediatrics Effects of azithromycin on macrophage inflammatory responses to streptococcus pneumoniae View
Merriman, Joseph Jones, Deborah P. M.D., M.S., Professor, Pediatrics, Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center The relationship between FGF-23 and left ventricular mass and early atheroscerosis in children with chronic kidney disease View
Ogwo, Cherechi Dagogo-Jack, Samuel, M.D., MBBS, FRCP, A.C. Mullins Professor, Medicine - Endocrinology Glucose tolerance and glucoregulatory physiology in subjects with or without parental history of type 2 diabetes mellitus View
Patel, Anand Rex, Tonia, Ph.D., Professor, Ophthalmology Determination of the therapeutic dosage of gene delivered EPO for the treatment of retinal degenerations View
Perkins, Hashani Mahato, Ram I., Ph.D., Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Caspase-3 Gene silencing for improved islet transplantation View
Pond, KaiCee Jablonski, Monica, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ophthalmology and Neurobiology Defining Loci That Modulate Glaucoma Severity View
Tidwell, William J. Hasty, Karen A., Ph.D., Wilhelm Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery Theranostic Nanosomes for Osteoarthritis View
Zhao, Yunxiang Jennings, Lisa, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Medicine - Vascular Biology SM22α expression in CD9-deficient HA0SMCs and its link to MMP-9 expression and release View

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