Peri Ankh Student Endowment Fund Goals

Peri Ankh raises money to support the following endeavors:

  1. Scholarships for medical students;
  2. Grants for faculty research/recruitment/development;
  3. Structural endeavors related to the College of Medicine;
  4. Incentives/Awards for outstanding contributions in teaching within the College of Medicine;
  5. Funds for encouraging alumni/student/faculty community involvement;
  6. Expenditures to provide events for students, residents, alumni, and faculty to encourage involvement with the College of Medicine;
  7. Expenditures related to the maintenance and improvement of the Peri Ankh Student Endowment; and
  8. Other purposes in keeping with the mission of the Peri Ankh Student Endowment as stated above.

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Peri Ankh Student Endowment Fund

P.O. Box 63096
Memphis, TN 38163.


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