Duty Hours

source: Housestaff Manual pp 13-14

Duty Hour restrictions, Vacation, and Other Abscences

The internal medicine residency program adheres strictly to the RRC guidelines. They are summarized below, and the entire policy can be viewed online at www.acgme.org under resident duty hours.

  • The program will assure each housestaff officer has at least one 24-hour period away from the hospital averaged over a four week period for a minimum of four days off per four weeks. If a resident has consecutive ward months or consecutive ICU and ward months then he or she should receive five days off in the second month.

  • The resident's duty hours will be limited to 80 hours per week averaged over a four week period. Residents may not be on duty more than 30 continuous hours and must have at least 10 hours off between shifts. Post-overnight call residents must leave the hospital premises promptly at 1 pm or earlier if they started the previous day before 7 a.m. Teamwork is essential in order to comply with the RRC guidelines.

  • Following an overnight call, housestaff must not care for any new inpatients, but can participate in the continuity clinic.

  • The ward team should work together in assigning days off for the month. This should be done on the first day of the rotation to assure that all team members get the required number of days off. Any problems with arranging adequate numbers of days off should be communicated to the Chief Medicine Resident. Days off should be avoided on switch days

  • Interns should cover for each other on their days off. The resident may offer to be the primary provider if patient volume or complexity dictates since interns may not round on more than 12 patients. The resident is generally expected to cover the junior intern's patients but may assign their care to another intern at his discretion.

  • Housestaff on consult services and other electives are off on weekends.

  • Days off are built into the ED schedules.

  • Hours spent moonlighting at any of our training facilities must be counted toward the 80-hour work week.


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