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Summer Research Scholars Program (SRS)

Age Range: Undergraduate Students (Freshman–Juniors)

Program Description: The College of Graduate Health Sciences and the College of Pharmacy sponsor the Summer Research Scholars Program to provide research experience to exceptionally well-qualified undergraduate students. Students spend eight weeks with an investigator in one of our graduate programs. Through this experience, students gain hands-on experience in research and exposure to research as a post-baccalaureate career option. The Program culminates with presentations by the students.

For further information, please email Renata at

Deadline(s): Applications will be accepted through February 27, 2015.

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Tennessee Institutes for Pre-Professionals (TIP)

Age Range: College Freshmen–Seniors

Program Description: Members of under represented groups in Tennessee have a distinct opportunity to learn for life. TIP is for residents of Tennessee who wish to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or health professions. TIP offers year-round advice, support, and activities designed to assist students in realizing their career goals. TIP is a State effort with participation by all the State's public colleges. TIP's ultimate purpose is to increase the representation and active participation of groups underrepresented in health professions training and practice.

For further information call (901) 448-8772 or toll free (800) 998-8654.
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Deadline(s): February 15th for Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Health Professions.