UTHSC College of Medicine Resident Supervision

The Residency Supervision Area is designed to assist hospitals and clinics with the protocols outlined for specific duties residents and fellows can perform. These guidelines are determined by the faculty of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Any questions about certain procedures not listed should be addressed to the faculty and not decided by the resident or fellow.

A credentialed and privileged attending physician ultimately provides supervision or oversight of each resident?s patient care activities. Direct supervision by a qualified attending physician is required in the OR/Delivery Room or for non-routine invasive procedures like Cardiac Cath, Endoscopy, and Interventional Radiology. The standards for resident supervision in patient care settings are described on the GME web site: http://uthsc.edu/GME/pdf/supervision2011.pdf.

Michael Johnson

Johnson, Michael - PGY - 4

Department of Dentistry-Oral Surgery
Resident Supervision

Procedural Competence - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Program

Differential Diagnosis

Clinical History
Physical Examination
Interpretation of Lab Studies
Interpretation of Basic x-ray Studies

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

BLS Techniques (Adult/Pediatric)

Airway Maintenance

Additional Specific Skills

Tooth Extraction
Maxillary Sinus Tap
I and D of Superficial Abscesses
Treatment of Dental Alveolar Fractures and Avulsed/Partially Avulsed Teeth