Disability Insurance

Please note that there are two forms to complete related to your disability coverage. One is the actual enrollment form and the other is the payroll authorization for deducting the premium that you select through the GME designated carrier. Note that those residents participating in the disability and life insurance programs provided through GME, will receive an $50 dollars per month for their life and disability coverage. The current monthly deduction for life insurance is $3.36. The balance ($46.60) can be applied to the purchase of disability coverage as described in the attached tri-fold premiums listing based upon your age and program. The full premium of the coverage that you select through the GME designated carrier will be payroll deducted even if the premium is greater than $46.60.

Representatives from Principal will be at orientation to explain how the disability coverage works and answer any questions that you may have about the coverage.

This methodology is used so that your benefits will not be taxable if you become disabled.

Disability Brochure

Disability Application--Will be completed at orientation or in the GME Office


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