Program Coordinator Committee

The Program Coordinator Committee consists of GME Administration and Program Coordinators from all residency programs in the College of Medicine. The Committee is used as a way for the GME Office to communicate necessary information to the programs, create closer working relationships among the coordinators, and determine/implement best practices. One member of the committee is selected in March to serve on the Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Aaron Haynes - Chair

Members of the Program Coordinator Committee for the 2015-2016 year are:

Member Program
Aaron Haynes Director GME
Bran Upchurch Internal Medicine
Karen Ariemma Pediatrics
Brandy Bledsoe Medicine - Pulmonary/Critical Care & Rheumatology/Sleep
Leigh Ann Barns Psychiatry & Child Psychiatry
Demaria Young Dermatology, Medicine - Endocrinology & Infectious Disease
Toni Buckhanon Allergy & Immunology, Pediatrics - Nephrology & Pulmonology
Angela Green OB/GYN
<vacant> Orthopaedic Surgery
Sharron Cole Family Medicine-Jackson
Brenda Coleman Medicine - Cardiology & Cardiology Interventional
Clara Bright Radiology
Wendy Elliott Neurosurgery
Rosemary Graham Orthopaedic - Pediatrics & Sports Medicine
Rhonda Gray Pediatrics - Cardiology, Critical Care & Endocrinology
Priscilla Griffith Family Medicine - St. Francis
Melissa Hayes Medicine & Pediatrics
Susan Coffill Medicine - Gastroenterology/Nephrology/Hepatology
Jamie Tidwell Pediatrics - Infectious Disease
Janet Herriman Medicine - Hematology/Oncology
Melissa Peters Pediatric EM/Pediatric Radiology/Neonatology
Amber Stroupe Surgery - Pediatric
Leanna Fox Irwin Pediatrics - Hematology/Oncology
Denise Norman Neurology - Child
Paula Odom Neurology, Neurology - Neurophysiology, & Vascular
Trish Phelan Urology
Jeannie Price Surgery - Transplant
Elizabeth Sauve Ophthalmology & Plastic Surgery
Tracey Bradley Internal Medicine - Nashville
Tanya Morgan Surgery - Critical Care
Lynn Thompson Urology - Pediatrics
Bryan Thorn Otolaryngology & Vascular Surgery
Cynthia Tooley Surgery
Catina Price Radiology - Interventional
Andrews Gienapp Transitional

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