Legislative Resource Committee


  • Maintain contact with legislators for efficient exchange of information;
  • Update legislators on UTHSC events, resources, expertise, etc.


  • Continue efforts to effectively communicate with our legislature using every available channel.
  • Utilize and update the existing legislative resource database.
  • Gather information from UTHSC sources to present to legislators.
  • Maintain open communication with the Associate Vice President in the UT Office of State Relations.
  • Send UTHSC representatives to participate in the Day on the Hill.
  • Set up a campus legislative forum.

Members of Committee

Matthew Allman, Chair College of Allied Health Sciences
Joel Bessoff College of Medicine - Clinical
Mary Ellen Hoehn College of Medicine - Clinical
Tao Lowe College of Pharmacy
George Maish College of Nursing
Ann Nolen College of Allied Health Sciences
Susan Patton College of Nursing
Cheryl Stegbauer College of Nursing
Richard Williams College of Dentistry
Jie Zhang College of Medicine - Clinical

Contact Us

Faculty Senate President Office
Martin E. Donaldson, PhD
62 South Dunlap Rm 212
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901-448-6206