Faculty Computing Committee


  • To represent the faculty in reporting the computing needs and concerns of the faculty on the UTHSC campus regarding training, infrastructure and support;
  • Regularly update the Faculty Senate blackboard site regarding committee work;
  • Provide input to handbook committee for faculty computing sections.


  • Facilitate communication and collaboration for the Faculty with the CIO Committee/IT Department and Administration regarding technologies and resources available to the Faculty.
  • Provide input to IT on new and existing technologies, including training for those technologies, as they relate to faculty academic, research, and clinical computing.
  • Promote continued expansion of electronic access to campus resources and events (i.e. meetings) from off campus via web-casting or other remote conferencing technologies.
  • Promote improved payment for faculty on major software innovations and a replacement cycle for faculty and student lab computers.
  • Establish a working relationship with the new CIO.

Members of Committee

Phyllis Richey (Chair) College of Medicine - Clinical
Bob Belland College of Medicine - Basic
Bill Callahan College of Dentistry
Brenda Green Library
Penny Head College of Health Professions
Song Hee Hong College of Pharmacy
Sajeesh Kumar College of Health Professions
Jami Smith College of Nursing
Thad Wilson College of Medicine - Clinical

Contact Us

Faculty Senate President Office
Thaddeus A . Wilson, PhD
62 South Dunlap Rm 212
Memphis, TNĀ  38163
Phone: 901-448-8323