Scientific Advisory Board

Name/Degree Phone # College/
Research Interest
Adkins, Ronald M., PhD 572-5357 Medicine-Pediatrics Genetic epidemiology of fetal growth restriction; Computational Analysis of microbial genomic data; Computational Analysis of DNA sequences
Alpert, Bruce S., M.D. 287-6380 Pediatrics/Cardiology Hypertension prevention, blood pressure measurement, pediatric exercise physiology, cardiovascular reactivity to stress.
Black, Dennis, MD 287-5355 Medicine-Pediatrics Neonatal lipid absorption and metabolism, pediatric nutrition, pediatric liver disease, and pediatric lipid disorders.
Carbone, Laura D., MD 448-5774 Medicine-Rheumatology Osteoporosis
Cashion, Ann, PhD, RN, FAAN 448-1176 Nursing-Acute/Chronic Effects of genetics and environment on multifactorial disorders such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, and transplantation.
Chaum, Edward, MD 448-5975 Ophthalmology Age-related macular degeneration; Diabetic retinopathy; Gene therapy for retinal diseases; Retinal detachment and repair
Chesney, Joan, MD 572-3292 Medicine-Pediatrics Infectious Diseases
Clarke, Dave, MD 572-5203 Medicine-Pediatrics Epilepsy; Neurological Complications of Sickle Cell Disease; Pediatric Neurology; Sleep Abnormalities
Cooke, Charles Robert, MD 532-8990 ext. 2917, 6918 Medicine-Nephrology Pathophysiologic aspects of volume regulation and sodium balance. Cardiovascular and renal effects of vasopressin
Cowan, Patricia A., PhD 448-3318 Nursing-Acute/Chronic Exercise, cardiovascular outcomes, obesity, diabetes, and transplant outcomes.
Dagogo-Jack, Samuel, MD 448-5801 Medicine-Endocrinology Diabetes pathophysiology, complications, and prevention; The metabolic significance and regulation of leptin in humans
Dale, James, MD 448-2101 Medicine-Infectious Diseases Experimental Biology; Infectious Disease; Medical Research
DeBon, Margaret, PhD 448-6410 Preventive Medicine Mental health; women's health; health behavior change interventions, clinical trials
DeVincenzo, John, MD 287-5377 Medicine-Pediatrics Infectious Diseases, translational trials, virology, pathogenesis of infectious diseases, RNA interference, antivirals.
Elam, Marshall, MD 448-6011 Phamacology Cellular and molecular mechanisms that mediate hyperlipidemia in hyperinsulinemic states including obesity and type II diabetes mellitus.
Fisher, Joseph N., MD 448-2608 Medicine-Endocrinology Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics.
Fleckenstein, James, MD 523-8990 ext. 7266 Medicine-Infectious Diseases Infectious Disease Medicine
Fleckenstein, Jacquelyn, MD 448-4384 Medicine-Gastroenterology Gastroenterology, Hepatitis C, Hepatology, Liver Disease
Flynn, Patricia, MD 495-5067 Medicine-Pediatrics HIV Infection; Outcome ofCatheter-Related Bacteremia-Hickman vs. Implanted Port Design
Franklin, Stan, PhD 678-1341 U of M: Dept. of Computer Science Cognitive Modeling, particularly for control of software agents for medical decision making.
Headley, A. Stacey 448-5757 Medicine-Pulmonary Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Heimberg, Murray, MD 448-4748 Medicine and Pharmacology Lipid Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes and General Endocrinology
Helms, Richard, PharmD 448-6034 Dept. of Clinical Pharmacy Amino acid and fatty acid metabolism in the neonate and infant. Cysteine dosing in the pre-term neonate, carnitine effects on neonatal morbidities, and amino acid requirements in home parenteral nutrition patients.
Homayouni, Ramin, PhD 678-1670 UM: Dept. of Biology 1) Mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's Disease; 2) Mechanisms of mammalian brain development; 3) Genomics and Bioinformatics.
Jennings, Lisa K., PhD 448-8240 Medicine Focus on mechanisms associated with hemostasis and thrombosis, especially events associated with pathophysiology of vascular bed disease. Other research efforts in the Vascular BiologyCenter concentrate on vascular injury response, particularly signaling pathways responsible for neointimal hyperplasia.
Johnson, Dianna, PhD 448-1375 Ophthalmology/
Academic Affairs
Neuronal circuitry in the retina; genetic ophthalmology
Kang, Andrew H., MD 448-5774 Medicine-Rheumatology Molecular mechanisms involved in the development of disorders of the connective tissues such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Scleroderma.
LeDoux, Mark, MD 448-1662 Neurology Pathophysiology of dystonia, mechanisms of cell death in Parkinson's disease, molecular networks that participate in sensorimotor plasticity and computational organization of motor systems
Marino, Christopher, MD 523-8990 ext, 6686 Medicine-Gastroenterology Cystic Fibrosis, Gastroenterology
McDonald, Chanchai, PhD 448-4930 Academic Affairs Educational technology; biomedical research education and training systems; design, development, and analysis of networked computing systems, software tools, and web-based applications
Myers, Linda, MD 448-5322 Medicine-Pediatrics Pediatric Rheumatology - collagen autoimmunity in arthritis using the collagen-induced arthritis murine model
Osarogiagbon, Ray, MD 722-0450
Hematology The relationship between models of care, access and outcomes in the management of lung cancer. The determinants of the pattern and quality of surgical resection for lung cancer. The pattern of use of adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer. Adult sickle cell in particular, cumulative and chronic organ damage in sickle cell disease.
Pace, Diane, PhD 946-5401 Primary Care & Public Health Electronic Medical Records, Women's Health
Postlethwaite, Arnold, MD 448-5774 Medicine-Rheumatology Arthritis, Clinical Research, Immunology, Rheumatology, Scheroderma
Pulsinelli, William, MD 448-6199 Neurology Stroke, HTN, human and animal research to define how disturbances of brain blood flow and chemistry cause cerebral dysfunction and damage to brain cells.
Ryder, Kathryn M., MD 448-2453 Medicine-Gen Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
Satterfield, Suzanne, MD, PhD 448-5194 Preventive Medicine Clinical trials, epidemiology; chronic disease epidemiology, aging, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease
Thomason, Don, PhD 448-7224 Research Technologies Unit  
Tylavsky, Frances A., DPH 448-7341 Preventive Medicine Nutrition and public health; effects of diet & body composition on bone mass across levels of the life cycle; assessment of body composition--methodologic issues
Ward, Kenneth, MD 678-1714 U of M: Center for Community Health Health behavior change, particularly tobacco use prevention and cessation. Other research interests include bone health and osteoporosis prevention, and psychosocial aspects of heart disease.
Wyatt, Robert J., MD 572-5366 Medicine-Pediatrics Patients with IgA Nephropathy
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