Community Engagement and Health Education

Health Education

August 10, 2012- "The Pursuit of Purpose" - CHEER provided STEP UP water bottles and health information. STEP UP is an organization geared to empowering teenage females. During this event teenage girls were able to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it prevents health disparities.


Community Engagement

September 8, 2012- Cummings Street Baptist Church Health and Safety Showcase were co-hosted by Cummings Street Baptist Church health ministry and the Memphis Delta Regional Parent Teacher Association. CHEER provided Health Screenings and distributed health information. Health Screenings included blood pressure, BMI calculations, blood glucose, and cholesterol testing.
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Community Health Summits

The goals of community health summits are to rally community leaders, representatives, and residents to begin a conversation that generates strategies to 1) identify the issues the community considers relevant, including both beneficial and problematic matters 2) cultivate an equitable partnership between the community and educational and public entities and 3) develop the most effective ways of addressing the community’s research and service needs.

Church Health Ministry Programs

The Community Engagement Core enhances community partnerships among faith leaders and their congregations. The purpose of this initiative is to draw on the wisdom and caring nature of faith communities to create long term changes in health beliefs and practices that improve the health of the community.

Through this program the health risk of congregations is assessed using an established health risk appraisal. The health risk assessment (HRA) questionnaire is a tool that gives individuals an assessment of their current health and quality of life. Participants receive a customized report that shows areas they are doing well and areas they need improvement. The report provides recommended lifestyle changes that individuals can use as health goals to accomplish during participation in a wellness program. We will then help participants identify intentions to change behavior, explore their attitudes about the behavior, determine motivations for compliance, teach them to integrate behavioral changes into their personal plan, identify sources of opportunity and resources, and finally to provide them with skills to make the desired change.

Public Housing Health Promotion Programs

The Community Engagement Core facilitates community partnerships with public housing communities. The purpose of this initiative is to draw on the experiences of these communities to create long term changes in health beliefs and practices that will improve the health of the community. The CEC conducts focus groups to identify health needs of the community and also performs health risk assessments. The CEC then aids the community in health promotion by training resident lay health workers to help individuals monitor health concerns and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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