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Unjust Deserts
Memphis Flyer - August 26, 2010

Finding quality fresh food is a daunting task for thousands of Memphians.Memphis Flyer Cover

In January, a study conducted by the Food Research and Action Center gave Memphis the unenviable distinction of "hunger capital of the United States."
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Coverage of the 2011 CHEER Spring Conference

View Media Links below reporting on the 2011 CHEER Spring Conference, June 20-22,2011, held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

CHEER and the BBD

CHEER on the cover of the Black Business Directory 2011-2012
Photos of CHEER and the BBD

South Memphis section hungers for food store
The Commercial Appeal - December 11, 2010

The ZIP code 38126, a 1.93 square-mile patch of South Memphis, will start another new year without a single full-service grocery.

A little more than 8,000 Memphians live in 38126. And they do have access to food -- even fresh produce -- but it's a random selection available in the area's 16 convenience stores . . . read more

In need of an oasis
The Commercial Appeal - December 14, 2010

No single initiative will lift Memphis from its status as one of America's least healthy cities or the country's hunger capital.

The creation of more active recreational opportunities helps. Healthy school lunch menus can play a part.

Another would be the elimination of so-called "food deserts," like the one in South Memphis' ZIP code 38126. . . . read more

Viewpoint: Jim Crow, M.D.
— segregated medicine leaves legacy
The Commercial Appeal - January 9, 2011

"I hate to go to hospitals," said Dr. Edward Reed. "I hate to go as a patient, as a visitor, and even just as a black man."

He would know.

After graduating from Nashville's Meharry Medical College, one of only three historically black medical schools in the country, Reed headed to Memphis in 1962 to enter private practice.

Because he is black, he was not allowed to join . . . read more

Editorial: Health divide needs mending
The Commercial Appeal - January 10, 2011

It would be hard to overestimate the importance of good health in the quest for economic and social progress in Memphis and Shelby County.

Racial disparity in health status is a huge factor in a community whose population is just over 50 percent African-American.

Sunday's Viewpoint cover story by The Commercial Appeal's Richard Morgan documented the disparity in startling detail.

Rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, anemia, prostate cancer, HIV and others in a long list of diseases . . . read more

Study: Black Women More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer
Memphis Daily News - March 28, 2012

Memphis is bringing the No.1 in breast cancer death disparity for black women, 42 black women annually die unnecessarily from breast cancer in Memphis . . . read more

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